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About this Event:


Project Safe Flight was started by a few dedicated volunteers in 1997 to work to protect birds, many of whom are rare or endangered. Continuing every year since then, Project Safe Flight's conservation efforts focus on collision prevention, rescuing injured birds and counting those that have perished. This work is performed by many diligent and devoted volunteers.


During spring and autumn migration periods, volunteers patrol the streets of New York City in search of dead and injured birds that have collided with buildings. Injured birds are brought to animal care centers for rehabilitation and are released into the wild after their recovery. Dead birds are collected and transferred to various natural history museums and research institutions. All the collected birds (dead or injured) are entered in our database, providing a powerful tool for understanding the geography and dynamics of urban bird collisions. Project Safe Flight data was instrumental in convincing the New York City Council to introduce and pass Int. 1482 in December of 2019, a law mandating that new and altered building construction in NYC use bird-safe building materials starting in January 2021!


Learn more about our program, how you can protect and conserve birds in urban spaces, and how to get involved as a volunteer by signing up for one of our online informational sessions.


Photo © Sophie Butcher

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