NYC Audubon Young Conservationist Council Flappy Hour


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Photograph of an Eastern Screech Owl with its eyes closed in nest cavity


Join the NYC Audubon Young Conservationists Council for our first Zoom Flappy Hour on April 16, at 5pm ET! For the inaugural event, we’ll have the opportunity to speak with an ornithologist, meet a real life owl, and play owl trivia for a chance to win some sweet owl swag!


It’s been a big year for owls in New York City. First there was Rocky, the Northern Saw-whet Owl found in the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in December, and then only a few weeks later we had our first Snowy Owl sighting in Central Park in 130 years! Given all of this owl excitement, now is a great opportunity for young birders and conservationists to learn more about the owls that live in the five boroughs of New York City, and how to seek out and watch owls in ethical fashion!


Run of Show:


1. We’ll speak with ornithologist Dr. Shannon Curley to discuss owls in NYC and ethical owling.


2. We’ll meet an Eastern Screech-Owl with our friends of the Raptor Trust in New Jersey.


3. We’ll wrap things up with Owl Trivia, and top winners will leave with owl swag from Brooklyn-based Bird Collective.


Hope you can join us!


Who We Are:


The NYC Audubon Young Conservationists Council is a group of eight young New Yorkers who are committed to sharing the wonders of this city’s diverse ecosystem with the next generation of New Yorkers, and who are dedicated to protecting and conserving its natural habitats.



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