Warbler Wonders Online Workshop (5/10/21)


  • $50.00


Warbler Wonders Online Workshop
Monday, May 10 and 17, 7-8:30pm
Instructor: Gabriel Willow

In the spring, warblers are like little jewels in forests and gardens, delighting us with their movement, colors, and song as they return from their tropical wintering grounds. However, they can also be an identification challenge. In the fall, their more muted colors and bewildering variety make them notoriously difficult to identify. Learn how their shapes reflect their behavior and ecology, and how subtle differences in form and pattern will allow you to identify warblers with newfound confidence. Spring is the best season for warbler-watching in NYC, so take this two-part class then head to your local park to put your newfound skills to work. The first session will focus on spring warbler identification, the second session will examine the same species in their fall plumages. Limited to 15. $50 (35) 

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