Bird Song Basics Online Workshop (5/24/21)


  • $50.00


Bird Song Basics Online Workshop
Monday, May 24 and June 7, 7-8:30pm
Instructor: Gabriel Willow

Birds use their vocalizations to keep in contact, warn of danger, define and defend their territory, and of course, attract a mate. Learning these vocalizations will broaden your experience of the natural world, and help tremendously with bird identification as well. Field guides focus on a bird's appearance, and most birders start out doing the same. However, the best birders almost always use their ears as much as their eyes. Learn how and why birds sing, how to tell a call from a song, and how to identify birdsong with a clear, logical process. Session one will focus on the ecology and anatomy of bird vocalizations, and how to determine the type of vocalization. Session two will focus on identifying bird species by song. Limited to 15. $50 (35) 

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